REW is committed to excellence in Control panels through the adoption of modern technology.We strive to exceed international standards for quality, durability and efficiency through constant improvement in our systems and processes.
We have been acknowledged as qualified vendors for prestigious projects at IRCON, CONCOR,RITES, Electricity Boards.
The objective of the organisation is to produce products strictly in accordance with customer specifications by adhering to quality control practices and focusing on continuous improvement. The organisation is launching upon a quality management system in line with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2000. The aim is to identify scope of improvement by collecting and analyzing data from processes that are critical to our activity.


The testing procedures at REW ensure total quality throughout the production process. The technical experts ensure compliance as per the international IEC 60439-1 standards or IS:8623 for all routine tests.

Visual Control

Verification of front view panel being in accordance with the front drawing, ensuring all components mounted are correctly fitted, alignment of doors & panels, wiring, labeling as per specifications, ensuring all norms mentioned in the specifications are measured and in accordance with the given detailing.

Mechanical control

All mechanical systems from interlock systems to earth connections to electrical components are devised as per the specifications and to keep a check on the degree of protection as well as Internal Form of Separation.

Electrical control

To ensure the panels comply with specified standards (IEC,BS,DIN EN), with local requirements form Public Utility Boards. Ensuring the dimension of wires, fuses, relays etc are in accordance with the specifications and drawings. To ensure calibration and the functioning of timers, relays, starters, air circuit breakers, contractors, earth fault relays and other electric units.